One song technique follow up


I previously challenged myself to play one song when I was getting work done. This is called the one song technique. In this post I want to share my impressions and results from the challenge. WHAT I LIKED I was able to put in my earbuds and get to work. I didn’t have to worry …

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The Pomodoro Technique – Can you use it at work?


Life hackers love it or hate it. The pomodoro technique is one of many productivity strategies aimed at keeping you focused and increasing the amount of things you get done. Why would I want to try the technique? The pomodoro technique doesn’t require you to buy any folders or daily planners. You don’t even have …

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Launch your website in 6 days – new guide available

As I am preparing to launch I wanted to capture my process for launching the site. So I created a guide. Simple step by step overview of what you need to do when launching your wordpress site. If you are pressed for time and money, I suggest you look at  the Bootstrappers guide to launching …

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One Song Technique Challenge – Will you join me?


I’ve got a morning commute playlist, a work playlist, and a  sleep playlist. Without realizing it I have integrated music into my day. Is it helping or hindering me? Research has not proven that music can increase productivity. All we actually know is that music can increase dopamine levels. A handful of experts swear by …

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Watch me work – my first linkedin summary rewrite

A few days ago I outlined an attack plan for mastering linkedin. As an educator and coach this is an important topic for those planning to build and attract an audience online. Myself included. One of the most critical areas of the profile is the summary. This is the place where visitors may decide if …

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Review: Using Fedora as your Online Course Platform

Everyone has something that they could share. The emergence of udemy, coursera, and many other online learning platforms prove that there will be a strong movement to sharing knowledge online. Today, I wanted to try and build a course in 30 minutes using fedora. I failed. It took me 54 minutes to do it. Still …

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Leveling Up My LinkedIN Skills


In 2012, I gave a presentation at a B2B marketing conference on the topic of social media in a business context. During that presentation I shared a story of how I helped one company cut their their paid advertising cost online by 49% and still gain 40% more qualified leads. The secret: leveraging linkedin and …

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