Review: Using Fedora as your Online Course Platform

Everyone has something that they could share. The emergence of udemy, coursera, and many other online learning platforms prove that there will be a strong movement to sharing knowledge online. Today, I wanted to try and build a course in 30 minutes using fedora. I failed. It took me 54 minutes to do it. Still …

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Leveling Up My LinkedIN Skills

In 2012, I gave a presentation at a B2B marketing conference on the topic of social media in a business context. During that presentation I shared a story of how I helped one company cut their their paid advertising cost online by 49% and still gain 40% more qualified leads. The secret: leveraging linkedin and …

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Kettlebell and tai chi

Kettle bell and Tai Chi: The business lessons I learned from both.

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” ~John Wooden Kettle Bells. Tai Chi. They seem like two separate things. One is part of the unconventional fitness movement growing around the globe. Another is a slow, meditative practice with mysterious beginnings. I’ve been combining the two for about 10 days now. Upon reflection,  they have …

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Why can’t I just DO it?

I’ve been coaching and training for more than 10 years now. I’ve noticed a very powerful thing about myself and the people I work with: we all have very similar goals and struggles. I would be rich if I got 10 kuai every time someone told me, “I just want to be happy.” I am …

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Five free tools to deal with stress today

Stress is a part of who we are. Without stress we would not be able to stretch ourselves or achieve anything that matters. The idea of living in complete stasis with no disturbances is a myth. We need to contribute to something. We need to do something that matters to us. There are many tools …

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Stress Awareness Worksheet

  Download PDF get your stress awareness worksheet now. Click on the image or button to download your worksheet.   Additional Reading Two types of Stress You Should Know Stress Breakthrough Tips – Part I Stress Breakthrough Tips – Part II  

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Stress tips you can try in the next 5 minutes

You check your email in the morning and find a load of requests that will take you more than 8 hours to complete. Then around 5:15pm you get another round of emails with tasks from your boss or client that need to be done before a morning meeting. Am I right? I get it. It’s …

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