Writing in third person is not my focus. You’re my focus. 

PARISMORNINGPROFILE_400I started this blog because I feel for the smart professional who is stuck in the tension, the frustration, the mania of feeling disturbed (out of tune), yet hopeful –  like there is something that s/he should be creating and doing more of in life. You are trying to figure out the why, what, how, where, when and what if of making the leap.

If that’s you, you’ll find a collection of resources and thoughts here.

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In all honesty, I am a mix of coach, trainer, speaker, designer and technology strategist.

I currently live in Shanghai and am working on building a location independent business.

I used to work for six pr/marketing agencies as their learning and development manager. It was my job to get them thinking about where they want to take their career and what the path might look like.

Before that I slaved away at an IT software start up company. I was promoted way too quickly and had learn how to run a 15 man department from scratch. Turns out we had the best retention rate in the company and made are mark with some awesome initiatives.

I’m on a journey of learning to live in tune with God’s purpose ( Yes, I said God) for my life and fully use the strengths and skills I’ve been given. I’ve been called to be an educator and creator of tools to help others live in tune with their purpose and stay true to themselves.

I’m passionate about learning and living abundantly and empowering others to do the same.

I enjoy traveling, dances, tea talks, walking, music and anything else that keeps me moving.

Projects & Businesses

When I’m not at my day job, I’m usually working on some of the following:

This site. So don’t forget to subscribe.

Books & Courses. Check them out. Some are free. You definitely will want to grab a copy of the Six Minute Morning

Speaking & Training. I like working teams and departments.

Coaching. Technology is wonderful. I’ve been coaching people all over the world since 2008.