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Me in a nutshell

I am educator and coach working each day to live in tune with Christ. My gifts and talents are varied, but all connected to one theme: to inspire and empower others to get inline with their purpose(s) and online to share what they do with the world. 

My multipotentialite tendencies have led me to diving into many different experiences, from the basketball court to the creative boardroom.

I combine my talents and experiences to create things that inspire and empower others to take extraordinary action. 


banner_parisdoingswordformHave you ever thought…

“I really should be doing something more with my life”

“I’m not growing like I used to”

“As soon as I get the right perspective I’ll be able to do better”

“I’ve got so many ideas in my head, but I don’t know where to start”

This site will help you take your mind game and work game to the next level (and your body too!) 

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Ways to Connect

You can find me on wechat (ID=ParisLaw 罗沛老师), twitter, linkedin. And don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter 

Projects & Businesses

SimpleWP.co is designed to help creative professionals and passionate businesses launch simple, results-driven wordpress websites. 

Consulting. I offer unique programs and solutions around technology, learning management, career guidance, and lifestyle design. 

Attituning.com. A weekly newsletter for people interested in personal development and location independence. Currently linked directly to this site. Eventually I will branch it off into its own unit. 

Alongside the content that I produce online, I also have a growing collection of Books and Courses. For example:

Topics that I write about

I’m a weird mix of geeky, multipassionate athlete interested in technology, entrepreneurship, neuroscience, human potential, philosophy and digital playgrounds. I like bridging the art and science of creative work with athletic performance principles. This typically turns into pieces and resources around personal development, professional growth and location independent entrepreneurship. 

Some popular posts include:

Visualization gives you wings

Why you should forget about your passion

Morning Routine: 8 Steps to start the day

10 people you never heard of but will want to follow today

My Journey

I’m on a journey of learning to live in tune with God’s purpose ( Yes, I said God) for my life and fully use the strengths and skills I’ve been given. I am a Christian Man living each day, seeking joy in all the work that I do. IMG_2255

I’ve been called to be an educator and creator of tools to help others live in line with their purpose and stay true to themselves.

I’ve got ICF training and life coach certification. On top of that I even earn inbound marketing certification through Hubspot Academy. 

I used to work for six pr/marketing agencies as their learning and development manager. It was my job to get them thinking about where they want to take their career and what the path might look like.

Before that I slaved away at an IT software start up company. I was promoted way too quickly and had learn how to run a 15 man department from scratch. Turns out we had the best retention rate in the company and made are mark with some awesome initiatives.

I’m passionate about learning and living abundantly and empowering others to do the same.

I enjoy traveling, dances, tea talks, walking, music and anything else that keeps me moving.

Currently based in Shanghai, China.